Karen Howe
Destinee was shot in head. Miraculous physical recovery and needs prayer for healing from depression , anger and anxiety.Pray for God’s continued healing . Pray for God’s direction and protection and for the right people in her life. She is 21 and in Ga.

Shawnda Darden
Prayer for my GmA who is on dialysis. I haven’t been able to talk to her on the phone. She lived in WV. I miss her. She doesn’t answer my calls.
Just praising for her health. I know she extremely fatigued

Ariane Arayata
Please pray for my mother that recently learned she had a very aggressive cancer for healing, peace and closer relationship with Jesus. Thank you

Toni Tomkins
Prayers for my teen daughter.  Pray she recognizes God is always with her and she is strong.

David Frick
Please pray for Sharon that God will bless her with better health. 

Vicki O’Rourke
For my ex-husband recovering from alcohol – restore him.  My mom in a nursing home with dementia pray for her

Praise Karen Winstead doing much better quality improve. Tara Smith for terrible cough

Please pray for son and daughter in law for God would heal their broken hearts and broken minds, God would lead them to a Christ filled church, & Burn a desire in their hearts for reconciliation.

Diane Wyoner
Healing, joy, Patrice, Vinny, Cyndi

Alice Varelas
I’m having a breast biopsy on Friday. Please pray for me that I’ll be ok! 

Ryan Ansell
My aunt’s son, Brian, had open heart surgery

Truth be found out about my fire box stolen


Toni Tomkins
Prayers for my daughter to allow God to work in her life.

Lyn Rock
I would ask for your prayers for myself. I have been duped by a man who professed his love for me, took my money & then tossed me aside like a shoe. I feel lost and heart broken

David Frick
Please pray for Sharon – Tuesday morning (2-26) she is having open heart surgery bypass with a cox maze at heart hospital

Our son and his wife.  God would heal their broken hearts and broken minds. Thank you so much for prayer.

God answers prayers – David Abraham with bladder cancer is okay! Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus! Thank you for all your prayers!

Tres – Custody
Kirk – no extra $ paid out
KD – Safety
My box returned
Mary – healing

Please pray for my family as we are going through an ugly divorce/custody battle.  I ask that God guide the GAL to make the best decision for the kids

Susan Hill
John Hill having surgery 3-8 to remove tumor.

Please pray for my brother in law Dean as he is having a difficult time, and also prayers for the family of my dear aunt as she passed away on Friday. 


Dewey & Michele Berglund
Brother Terry Berglund diagnosed with bladder cancer (stage 2). Pray for healing and his salvation

Jacki Blair
That my children will turn back to the Lord. They have one parent – a believer, the other – a non-believer

David Frick
Continued prayers for Sharon – she came out of surgical ICU Sunday and moved up to the 4th floor to get physical therapy.  Praise to Our Lord for bringing her through all this

Toni Tomkins
Pray for my daughter to allow God to enter her heart.

Prayers needed for 17 year old boy Matt Huff.  This young soul has been battling DIPG (form of brain cancer) since 2012.  His parents have been told his time is near the end.  Please pray for Matt and his family. Please pray for peace, strength, and courage to get through this

Please pray for Alejandro, Antonia, Jackee, and Antonue Santortonw, that we grow closer to God with knowledge and wisdom

Pray for Lisa, 51 year old stroke victim struggling for her life

Karen Ingalls – several surgeries on leg – squamous cell – pray for healing and strength, fighting flu bug also

Essie Capri (goldendoodle) surgery Tuesday – ACL repair – 6 weeks non-weight bearing in crate

Krista Sheets
Asking for prayer for my sister-in-law who is heaving health issues

Cadie and Tres – Find a good/safe/reasonable price 
Brad/Kirk – court
Healing for Mary’s hip
My stole fire safety box returned

Shawnda Darden
Please pray for my sons to receive Christ – Rece, Mike, Shawn, Cristian – Please also pray for Shawn as he is in a negative season right now 


Shawnda Darden
Prayer for my sons to accept Christ and live a pleasing life for the Lord.

David Frick
Sharon is in rehab at Princess Anne. She is doing well (including physical therapy) pray for complete recovery

Please continue to protect me and my children.  Please offer peace and may I find rest rest. 

Safety – Cadie – New car
Tres – Custody of his son
Brad – court issue be dismissed
Kirk – no extra money owed
Me – Return of my ‘fire’ box that was stolen or the admission from one of the boys over at my house

Our son has an important swim meet in Florida, prayer request for encouragement for him.

Mark Crowe
My mother, Dorothy “Dot” Crowe’s health is failing her.  She has COPD (just like my dad who passed 7/3/16), and osteoperosis, scholiosis, and dementia that’s progressing.  Today we got a call from the assisted living facility nurse practitioner that they’re recommending hospice “comfort care” for her.  Please pray that my sister and I make the right decision selecting a hospice care company to provide this retired nurse the highest quality care she deserves after providing quality care to so many over her decades as a bedside nurse.

Please pray for me that the Lord will send me to the right job.  A job that I will feel good about and enjoy.  Pray that the Lord will speak to me and guide my path and I will know the direction He is showing me to go. Pray that if I need to go back to school He will show me. I am fighting depression and I need peace! Thank You!  

Jeffery Rickard
For “the Owen girls” and their random act of kindness of helping a complete stranger. Thank you for restoring some of my faith in humanity, for your selflessness, please let more people be like you.

Forest Lee
My prayers are that God supernaturally bless Forest and Amanda in becoming fully brother and sister and that Amanda shows and gives Forest all her love and affection and playfulness and that she becomes attached to him and very playful with him and that she spends all her time with him loving and nurturing him and plays physically with him as much as possible so they have a really strong bond and Forest protects her and nurtures her and is there for her when she needs him to be so she can really get the most out of him and that everything works out for them so that nothing bothers them or stops them from having the best brother and sister relationship and that everything works out for them and them forming this relationship and bonding at the place they are living in the name of Jesus God make it happen also bind up anything stopping the relationships from flourishing and them bonding and playing  and loose supernatural blessings into the relationship with Forest and Amanda specifically for bonding and playing in the name of Jesus amen.

Brother Corley
Please pray that I will become a better steward. Please pray that I will be blessed with some encouraging and Godly relations.

Jilian Rose
Fast & pray. Heavenly father forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband). Deliver us from all devil’s clutches. Father have mercy-grace on my daughter touch-heal her mind-body-soul. Father shower YOUR blessings of success-knowledge-wisdom- good health -joy-peace-happiness-protection on her. No one may harm- hurt her. Help her in study-exam-guide her. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. Provide all her needs (healthy food-vitamins-minerals). Protect me-my job. No one may harm-hurt me. Heal my mind-body-soul. Heal my fingers. Deliver me from evil-unwanted-uncontrolled thoughts, forgive me-do not leave me. Remove my husband’s stony-bitter-angry heart. No more strength. Convict him to confess. He may not take my increased earnings. Help me father I need finance. DESTROY all evil plans against me & my daughter. THANK YOU. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Keijo Leppioja
Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation, but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


Lauren Myers
Pray for my husband who is deployed and for my first pregnancy to go well.

Please pray I have the courage to completely trust the Lord and trust His will for my family.  Lift my family up April 2, 2019. Please pray for us.

Cadie – Remove anger, sadness, lonliness, and depression
Return of my stolen possessions or confession from those who took them



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