David Frick
Praise Sharon is no longer suffering.  She is with our Lord. Praise the Lord


Sharon Frick passed away May 4th. 

David Hoskins
I have a friend of 40 years by the name of Janice McCallum that has been recently diagnosed with Cancer in her Lungs. It is a cancer that came from another part of her body and has metastases. She is a strong believer who just needs prayer. I told her I would ask our Church to pray for her. Janice lives in Northern Virginia.

Mary Ellen Corbett
Kim Lavelle, friend and co-worker, for healing.  Recovering from surgery. Experiencing complications, pain and slow healing.  Dennis Corbett as he continues with chemo. Praise that it seems to be working.

Son and daughter in law – pray for healing in broken minds and broken hearts.  Reconciliation with family and with God.

Brad: cleared on all charges –  KD: School/relationships – Tres: job/relationship/custody – Me: tolerance


Kevin Kiser
Please pray that I can get back to where I used to be with God and sin no more.  Please pray that God would heal my girlfriend of her anxiety and protect her from the enemy.  Her her to stop sinning as well.  Also, to strengthen our relationship in God.  Also please pray for God to give her strength to get through the one year mark of her grandma and best friend’s death on May 11. 

Micah White
Grandfather’s health (Kidney problem – 15% reproduction)

Tres (custody, new job, new home) – Cadie (schooling) – Jake (schooling) – Axell (Safety) – Me (peace about what was stolen from me)

David Frick
Jesus took my lovely wife so Sharon is in a much better place – I was praised to have her 36 years

Connie O’Malley
I am requesting prayer for Cynthia Escobar.  Cynthia works with me.  This young lady has stage 4 cancer.  Due to treatments being so rough and not showing signs of improvement she has chosen to stop the treatments.  She is in a lot of pain and trying to continue working.  She needs divine intervention. 

Please pray my son will come back to the Lord and for a job for him. 

Prayer for Milton that hsi test are negative for cancer.  Prayer to all the Lord’s children.

Please pray for my marriage and for my husband to turn his heart back to God and our family.  Pray that those who are influencing him in wrong ways will be removed.

Chronic/severe pain – Bad workplace – Marital discord – Both of our kids were saved and are now athiests

Stacia Ferren
I have a final next week and need God strength and confidence to pass. 

Ashton Gathers
I would like prayer for my mother’s health.

Peter Klassen
My friend needs prayer today he’s in the hospital (critical condition) he needs to come through this. He has a lot to live for. Pray for him today.

Stacy H
Pray for my dad, Kedric Richards. He’s hospitalized.  Recently lost feelings in legs.  Paralyzed from waist down. May have cancer of the spine.

Sandra M
Please pray for a complete healing of body for James B.

Jilian Rose
Heavenly father THANK YOU, forgive all our sins me, daughter, husband. Deliver us from all devil’s chain. Father have mercy-grace on my daughter touch-heal her mind-body-soul completely. Father shower YOUR blessings of success-knowledge-wisdom-good health-joy-peace-happiness-protection on her. No one may harm-hurt her. Help her in study-guide her. Provide all her needs (healthy food). Protect me & my daughter from all evil-illness-infection. No one may harm-hurt me. Deliver me from all evil uncontrolled thoughts which drag me away from YOU. Heal my mind-body-soul completely. Forgive me but do not leave me. Bless me with YOUR wisdom. Provide me finance-job. Remove my husband’s stony-angry heart. DESTROY all evil plans against me & my daughter in Jesus name Amen

My husband and I have separated after almost 20 years. I want to hear from him. I want God to restore our marriage. 


David Frick
Sharon was transplanted to Norfolk General cardiac ICU.  This is probably the best place for her.  It has been three weeks she has been in bed without getting up so her body is weak. She is still struggling to eat. Thanks for your prayers. 

Prayers for my 2 young adults to continue to follow the righteous path, embracing their walk with Jesus.

Robert Stedman
Prayer for my adult daughter to re-connect with me. 

Rance and Jenn Maruszeuski
The selling of our house – Getting settled and finding a church family – Making a group of friendships that are kindred spirits

Anita Czack
Please pray for Stan (95) and Joan (94) Baringer.  They are not saved; these are my parents. 

My health issues – Tres Visitation/child support – Kirk support money – Tres perserverance – KD forgiveness – Brys return my stolen items

Pray for Robert that he will live life again – be full of the spirit – Pray for Tyler as he completes sophmore year college exams

Rob Morse and Valarie Priest
Finding our way back to Jesus.  Letting him back into our lives, individually and as a couple.  Find a church to fit in, find friends, learn & grow.


Norma Lee Magness passed away peacefully April 12th 

Paul Dunham passed away April 1st

Dianne Griffin passed away April 18th 

John Korusek
Michelle healing of migraines and overall health. Mauna continue to lead in worship by attending church. 

Abbyrae Wisniewski
Pray for my sister struggling with addiction and mental illness.  Pray I/we find a connect group where I/we fit in

David Frick
Sharon was moved to ICU last night oxygen level dropped to 50% she is getting great care but is still not eating. We appreicate all your prayers

Son’s college

Jennifer Morris
Thanksgiving for you all serving and loving my brother Paul – blessings to you

Rance Maruszeaski
We just moved here – to find a home church that will love and support of family and in which we can serve and be taught about God. To sell our previous house in PA and find a permanent home here. To establish and settle and that the children find friends.


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