Carolyn Brown – My mother has kidney failure and is on dialysis.  She has been falling a lot and I’m asking for prayer as well for me.  

Anonymous – Please pray for my husband Bob who is battling illness.  

Angie C. – Ona’s cancer has spread to four other places.  Please heal her Lord Jesus!  


Anonymous – Please pray for Sam Herrmann, his pregnant wife Sara and their child Mikey.  He was badly injured on the job.  Meagan & Garrett Griffin, Meagan is Sam’s sister, lost her mother suddenly 3 weeks ago.  

Bobby Dean – Please pray for my mother Sandy.  She suffers from severe depression and also her over all health.

Heidi Cook – My ex father-in-law (my children’s grandfather) has battled with depression for a number of years and reached out to me today telling me he feels the evil spirit telling him to commit suicide.

Tony Brown – Please pray for protection and mercy for being falsely accused for something that I did not do.  

Mark Crowe – My director’s son, Sam, fell 6-7′ and landed on his head Saturday 1-25. Has a skull fracture in back of his head and small fracture of the right eye orbital socket and some brain hemorrhaging.  His eye seems to be ok and he’s talking.  He’s at Norfolk General Neuro-ICU in critical but stable condition.


Anonymous – My son Jordan and his wife need prayer for spiritual and emotional healing and for reconciliation to God and family.  And pray for our family to find affordable housing in Denver.(military transfer)  Pray for direction for a new church and job.  

Jay F. – Please pray for my work, getting over Father’s passing and my mind and body.  

Anonymous – Please pray for David McMaus and his wife Jan.  He fell from a tree stand and broke his lower back and hip.  


Laura Williams
Please pray for my nephew Ryder who was recently diagnosed with (ALL) Leukemia at 4 yrs old and his long road to recovery. 

Corey Oster
My mom is to have a lumpectomy on the 27th, followed by radiation. We trust the Lord and are praising God for His mercy and deliverance. 

Friend’s son as he returns to college – academics and athletics.

Jennifer & Troy Trujillo
Please pray for my friends & family:  Jennifer, Victoria, Larry, Mary, Richard, Wendy & Rob, Jacob and Owen.

Charlotte L.
My husband retired from the Navy and I am asking God to open doors and close doors for what is next for him and our family.  

My friend is going through cancer treatment and has an MRI on Saturday.  Pray for miraculous results.  

My son Jordan and his wife Rachel.  Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing for both of them.  

My friend Cindy is fighting Leukemia and doesn’t know the Lord.  

Corey and Jillian Reeder
They have three children and recently adopted twins, a boy and a girl. The boy had foot surgery this week and the girl is also in the hospital for various health issues. Please keep the babies in prayer as they gain strength and recover. Also pray for the family as they transition from the hospital to home and begin their new life as a family of seven


Dave Hoskins
I have a friend in Northern Virginia who is having surgery on her sinuses. The surgery she is having requires that they open the front of her skull. Her name is Janice and her surgery date is 1/22. She is asking for relief for her breathing and complete healing from the surgery.

Pam B
My husband left me and filed for divorce.  It has been hard on me financially. Please pray for me God is going to do a miracle in my situation.

Cindy M
Please pray for Gil as he recovers from another neck surgery.

Amber Wallace
Please pray for my fiance who is deployed to the middle east. It is our first one where I am not close to family and it has been very hard.

Vangie Siko
Pray for my friend who is fighting Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and blood clots. Pray for complete healing.  

Please pray for the Woodard Family after losing our father. 


Elvie S
We need God’s provision for the fixing of home heat.

Linda Lauren
Skin cancer surgery this week.  Please pray for my fear.  I am scared.

Doug Dodson   
Doug has been sharing his faith with his co-worker, Bill Brown, over the last several months. Bill’s father-in-law was just admitted to Norfolk General for emergency heart surgery. Doug is asking that we pray specifically for Bill’s heart to be opened and that he would see God’s hand in this situation.

Eugene Moss
I have a friend named Kat who recently died from cancer. I would like a prayer for her loved ones. 


Mike Zimmerman
Myself and a friend currently attend river oak church, and we have started a bible study once a week while we are deployed. There are some believers, and some who aren’t sure what they believe that are attending the study. My prayer request is that we can continue to commit to this Bible study once a week, that we can listen and hear Gods message clearly, and that God can use it and we can spread his word throughout the camp here and bring some to Christ.


Son’s early admission to college (Ithaca) – Relationships

I am getting out of a toxic 20 year relationship and I have 2 sons that I don’t want to repeat the cycle.  I have 33 years of experience with a variety of abuse and criminal behavior.  I specialize in mental health and public safety.  I would love to work with trauma victims and teach mental health and dealing with those issues holistically.  I have also worked with the military providing respite care. 

Jackie P
Please pray for my knee replacement on Tuesday

Bob Strittmatter
Continued growth at home and work

Hitham is leaving his job and his wife is pregnant with a baby who is at risk (Due in December)


Please pray for Mark Frye.  He has had brain surgery.  Also, pray for his wife Pam Frye

Martha Bullock
Please pray for me to be lead by God daily in my classroom at OSHS.  That I can be a light to my students.  Also, to have good time management because I’m in two grad school courses.  Also, for my mom to continue healing.  She was in the hospital for 6+ months and was just released.  She is moving here soon from Seattle to rehab once the doctor feels she has healed enough. Thank you

JoAnn Herring
Pray for Kay Baker’s daughter who was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.  Give her strength and peace.  Pray that Brooke gets saved soon. 

Son Jordan and his wife Rachel. Healing of broken hearts and minds. 

Pray for my husband as he goes through something I do not understand.  He left me without saying anything over a week ago and has not contacted me since.  May the Lord guide him back to me. Thank you

Timothy & Misty both fighting cancer

Sylvia Fagan
Michael will come to know the Lord as his savior

Our son is deployed to Afghanistan as a US Army helicopter pilot.  Prayers for his protection.  Please, would be appreciated. 

Marie Grace
I am really ill with black mold tonight. My eyes have swollen up and my face is larger and swollen. My feet have swollen up as well. Please pray for these effects to go down. Please pray for the drainage issues from the shower are fixed as the water from the shower is going straight onto the insulation pad. Please pray for the insulation pad to be taken up. I am still sleeping on my old chair every night. Please pray for miracle funding for second hand furniture to replace all that is full with black mold and all the clothing we are going to have to get rid of because we can not wear clothing with black mold. Please pray for miracle favor to replace what we have lost to this. It is weeks of waiting. Thank you very much


Cynthia Coney
Please pray that Christ take the pain away from my daughter Tiffany.  She has a tooth ache and no insurance.  Heal that tooth.  Thank you for doing that. Have a great day.

Taylor Carroll
I want prayers not only for myself but for my stepdad’s heart

Wanda Barden
My father passed on October 25. Prayers for family

My son – Jordan and his wife, Rachel, healing of broken hearts and broken minds.  Reconciliation with God and with family.  Thank you!

Billie Howell
I have been diagnosed with breast cancer & ask for prayers that this path will glorify God!

Beth Riggs
Please pray for Heather & Carl Delaney and their family.  Carl is having brain surgery for a large tumor (unexpected) at Norfolk General and also pray for the surgeons.  They have 2 children and one on the way.  Surgery is November 12th

Thank you God for our lives, we give you praise for your abundant mercy and grace we receive.  Please pray for my stepdad that his bladder cancer has not returned.  Pray for my sister, that she finds peace.  Pray for DUP that he will feel the comfort of the Lord through these tough times. 

Karen S
Please pray for my son, his salvation, his marriage, children and wife. My son walked away from God a few years ago (doesn’t believe God exists) and left his wife 7 months ago. They have a 6 year-old son and an 8 month-old daughter. I am asking prayer warriors to mobilize and please pray that God will lead my son to true salvation and that my son will return to his home to be a godly father and husband. Please pray too for my daughter-in-law who is broken, hurt and so weary from praying and trying her best to trust God for restoration. Also, please ask God to give me (his mom) wisdom as I counsel my daughter-in-law during this time, and may God open lines of communication for me with my son.


Devon Denner
For career progression and peace in my life. 

Safe travels to San Diego this week

Mary: needs to sell her house before foreclosure ASAP – Tres: Needs affordable housing for him and his son & job that will give him a flexible schedule as a single dad and pay the bills – KD: Schooling/job

Please pray for my sister, Jennifer Arruda, who was just diagnsosed with colorectal cancer. She is in a lot of pain and fears it/ . May have already metastasized. But God.

Meghan: friendships old and new, finding her way. – Safety during volleyball season.


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