Please pray for the salvation of Robert Parramore

Pray to help my daughter find a way to find true friendship.  Help her see situations from every perspective and to treat others like they would want to be treated.  May the joy of the Lord radiate through her. 

Favor for Kirk & Tres in court – Healing for Mary’s hip surgery – Salvation return to church for Cadie &Tres – Axell calm/peace remove any anger

Susan Archbell
Prayers for all children and their families!

Meredith Rafter
Balance – My new job and home life are not in balance yet and it’s been hard

Charlotte Lawrence
We have a 17 year old daughter who is in a inpatient hospital for depression and some drug abuse.  We need God’s  guidance for her continued care.  She has some options so we ask for God to open and close doors to where he would like her to go/be.  Prayers for this family.  Everyone could use peace, healing, and openness.

Tania Alvarez
Healing for my daughter’s Ava’s knee


Pray for salvation of Robert Parramore

Son: Jordan and daughter in law Rachel.  That God would heal their broken hearts and broken minds.  Complete and total surrender to God – Daughter: Emily and unborn baby. Due in October very high risk pregnancy.  Safety for her and son. 

Please pray for the sell of our home. It’s been on the market since June and we are asking God to sell our home and show up where to go. 

For my husband Robert.  He is facing medical conditions; he is depressed and not eating.  He is only 58 years old.  Those stricken by Dorian. Thank you

Angie Connolly
Rita’s move – Jodi’s car

Our family needs prayer, marriage, hard hearts, children, grandchildren.  We are broken and hurting. 

Kathy Fink
Shelley Fox – Diagnosed with lung cancer, not doing well

This school year. Thank you

Prayer for husband, Ronnie Little.  He is having surgery Wednesday at 1PM Norfolk General to remove kidney and cancer that has overtaken kidney.  Prayer for doctors hands of accuracy and for good healing for my husband.  

My one friend doesn’t believe in herself.  She doesn’t realize she’s beautiful and because of that X’s out her friends.  I pray that she realizes her good.  And might be more open to being helped through her stage of sadness.

Amber Coley
Please help me pray for a teen I met this evening. I don’t know her situation, but what I do know is that she needs prayers. Please let her welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit, let him be her comforter and guide.  Let her know she is not a failure and she will overcome her struggles and pain. Please pray that she receives the strength and hope she needs in her life. Most of all, please let her know that she is loved and to never give up.


Bailey Whittle
First day of school – Chesapeake welcomes 40,000 students.  Pray we as teachers will be a good role model and example even if we can’t talk about the gospel. 

Jennifer Powell

Son: Jorden: Daughter in law Rachel that God would heal their broken hearts and minds and that they would surrender to Him – Daughter: Emily: safety for her and her unborn baby due in October. She is high risk

Tres: court – Kirk: court – KD & Jake: relationship – salvation for Tres, KD – Financial freedom – Safety for Axel

I want my friend to be happy with who she is and realize she is amazing.


Martha Bullock
Thank you for your prayers! I report back to school this week to prepare.  Please pray I can get everything I need for a functioning classroom.  But more than anything, that I can have good classroom management and most of all, create good relationships with my students at Oscar Smith High that I can positively impact their lives and help them all learn. 

Beth Wiegan
Prayers for Steve & Becky.  Both are in the hospital.  May they be lifted in prayer for improved health and speedy recoveries. 

Barbara Speiglet
Emily Hiltke and family: recently diagnosed with a rare cancer.  She is only 24 years of age and already has other health challenges. 

Jake & Cadie’s relationship: get back into church – Tres & Selena’s relationship: get back into church – mom: car, health – Kirk: support – Tres: court/support

Dianne Sturdifen
Increase in income, break complete ties of a 10 year relationship, peace, live my best life, all living expenses month to month are met, better job for my son & his spiritual growth

Zeb Morris
My girlfriend has just gone back to university and is already feeling beaten down and hopeless.  Pray for God to urge her to ask to be filled with His spirit and for her to have the strength to finish strong. 

Praying for my reconstruction surgery this Thursday due to breast cancer. Thank you

Bridget Bachman
Pray that I find a home church.  I have been living here for a year and haven’t found anywhere that feels welcoming or comfortable.  I want to find a group.  This is where I feel most comfortable. LOVE the pastors. 

Looking for a home church but I have never been a part of such a large church.

My husband to commit to attending River Oak – so we can all become members (if it’s the Lord’s will)

Leah Fisher
Please pray we get our tax issue settled quickly and easily.  Please pray for Henry to get saved. Please pray for my ministries.  Please pray for our finances to be blessed, that we can get a house and a small business.  Pray for my siblings to get saved.  Pray for my sister to be reconciled to the family.  Pray for the nations leaders. Please pray for me to loose weight and gain muscle.  Pray for my husband not to cheat on me.  Pray for my marriage to be blessed.  Pray we can save money.  Pray we don’t spend as much money on trivial things.  Pray for my husbands career.  Pray he enjoys his job completely.  Pray I am able to learn more scripture &  Spanish.

Wendy Settlemire
Prayers for a good friend whose husband is going thru radiation and chemo for advanced throat cancer.  He is so sick and in so much pain as the radiation has burned his throat.  He is very weak and has to be fed thru a feeding tube.  Please pray that God will put a healing hand on him and to please keep his wife healthy so that she can continue caring for him.  This cancer is financially draining their bank account causing more stress for them.  Lord, we know you have the perfect plan for Steve and Diane.  I trust your way Lord.  It’s in your name that I pray.

Diane Wagner
Grandson Evan in emergency could be appendix

Erin Owens
That we can find the right church home after relocating


I pray my heart would become soft.  And to love God instead of resent Him.  To see God for His glory rather than selfish and controlling. 

Liz Devenney
Son at Boot Camp until October 22 (Strength & Endurance)

Gerrelle Eubanks
Prayer to be able to learn to forgive and forget.  Be quick to listen, slow to respond.  To have a cheerful heart, not a broken spirit. 

Please pray for my sister Karen, battling lung cancer.  For improvement and a closer relationship with Jesus. 

Martha Bullock
Please pray for my mom’s legs to heal. She has a very rare auto-immune disease causing ulcers on her legs that have rendered her disabled.  Also, that when she gets out of the hospital, that is she moves here (in with us) from Seattle to heal, that it would be a good move for her health.  Also, please pray for me as a teacher at OSHS.  That I can have better classroom management and relationships with my students.  And that I do well in my grad school classes.  Thank you!


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