Crystal Rosario
Request prayers for curing my daughter, Isabella.  A mass was found on her right ovary. The mass was cancerous (stage 2 group 2).  Meanwhile yolk-sac ruptured while in surgery.  Hope all the cells dissipate from her body.

Samson Sunday
Dear brethren, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Please I need your prayers in these areas of my life. (1) for me and my family to live holy life. (2)  breakthrough in job opportunity. (3) deliverance from the powers of darkness. (4) Blessing of children in my family. (5) financial breakthroughs. Thank you for your love and care

Ketron Family: Son very ill. mom in poor health – Mikka Kilcollins: turning life around, needs job – Jennifer Eure: surgery July 24 – Brad and Stone Skeeter – work, travel

Tom Roher his terminal cancer in hospice as of 7/14/19. Has wife, Christie and 2 kids. All things are possible through Christ.

Katrina Keel-Saunders
Prayer request for myself, I am battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer everyday I wake up is a good day but this battle isn’t easy.  I ask for prayers that I continue to fight and never give up.  

Son: Jordan and his wife, Rachel, prayer for God to heal their broken hearts and broken minds.  Prayer for complete surrender to God. Prayer for family restoration. – Daughter Emily safety for her and unborn baby. 

Maruszewski Family
Please pray for our friend from PA.  She found out Tuesday she has cancer and doctors are saying sometime today or tomorrow she will see Jesus.  She has 4 small children 4-12 years old.  Erin Fenton and Fred


Axell: as he starts his new preschool – Tres: job, home, car – Cadie: to finish her college program – me/Kirk: relationship – mom: sell of her home

Jordan and his wife, Rachel: That God would heal their broken hearts and broken minds.  Surrender for them to God’s leading their life.  Restoration to family.

Debbie Wiercinski
Please pray that our family will receive permanent housing ASAP and that my 94 year old grandfather gets better he is recovering from phemonia…

Cheryl Mason
Jess Lesting – She has two types of cancer, children and a husband who also needs Jesus’ help. 

My wife and I have been trying to have a child for a couple years. We have had many procedures and she is now taking medications. We ask for prayers for patience and comfort as we trust in God’s timing and plans for our family.


Mark Griffin
Pray for my brother, Dean. Dean is in hospice care and has been given 1-2 weeks. He is a believer and has been attending South Norfolk Baptist. Also, my wife, Kathy, is “bouncing back well” after her brain aneurysm.

I am a 2nd round (1st time I received Christ was a rough draft) perfected believer in Christ. I am humbled by where God has brought me. I’m growing in my faith and have a bible based knowledge of the history of Christianity to where we are now in the end times. When I started this journey I had many friends. Deep into my walk with Christ, I find myself physically walking alone. I love the Lord with a deep and abiding love that draws me to many hours of prayer and “searching the scriptures” which I love. Love, love! But I am lonely. I feel alone. God is with me and I understand He meets me where I am in my needs. I’m grateful. I also feel like an outsider among my friends and I’m not sure how to process this uncomfortable feeling. I know Paul talks about preaching the gospel while forsaking ones feelings. But I’m new at this and would like to request strength in Spirit during this phase. I’m an emotional ball of joy and cry about everything…..good tears and bad tears. Would you please pray with me that God would fill those nugget moments of just a deep sadness? I thank you so much and pray God blesses you also for your dedication.

Salvina Lillard
Prayers for my friend Rena Quick for strength and her husband Dan Quick for strength, healing, and pain relief in his battle of stage 4 pancreatic cancer which has spread to his liver, lungs and now spine. Thank you

I have a friend who i would like to submit a prayer request for.  He’s been struggling with personal issues and recently thought of committing suicide.  I’m unsure of what to do for him other than pray and stand by him.  I only hope that God reminds hi he is loved and worthy of his praise. 

Teresa Koontz
For a friend – Lane – that is having issues with her health just coming off chemo, etc. 

Tres/Axells: relationship – Tres: custody – KD: school – Jake: complete his school – mom and Michelle: mediation

Kids’ direction

Derek Gordon: Being released from prison – Jennifer Eure: Anxiety Depression – Cynthia Morrison: Medical complications from chemo meds – Brad Skeeter: Job change


Prayer for Robert. He is processing the fact that he only has 5-10 years to live, if that, and he can’t do the things he wants to.  He is only 58 years old. He has owned his own HVAC company for 9 years but will need to shut it down due to his health.  His line of work is literally killing him (asbestosis).  I pray a miracle happens and have prayed for at least another 20 years with my true love. 

Son Jordan & his wife Rachel. Pray for healing of broken hearts and broken minds.  Pray for complete and total surrender to God’s will in their life.  Pray for family restoration. Thank you

Please pray for my sister Karen for continuing improvement in her battle with cancer. 

Pray for marriage through storms. Strengthen our family. We need you now. Amen

Tres (Axell and Child support) – KD (school) – Tres & KD (relationship) – Mom (salvation) – KD & Tres (return to church)

Pray for my home church which is in need of renewal and growth.  For the building problems too, maintenance. 

Allen & Megan Langston
Praise for a good check-up for Emma Grace this week and prayers for good results on her lab work. 


Sam Leary passed away June 11th 2019
The family of Sam and Colleen Leary would like to thank each and everyone of our River Oak family for the beautiful celebration of life you provided for Sam and for the many expressions of love and support. The beauty of a church family is always evident during a tragedy, but the beauty of the River Oak Church family is evident on a daily basis. Thank you to all who donated food and your time so that Sam‘s celebration of life would be special,  honoring him and our Lord Jesus Christ! Our hearts are full though sad because we miss him so much. God bless each and everyone of you!

Pray for my marriage to overcome the storm.

Please pray for my daughter Brooke who is really sick and undiagnosed.

Heidi Riddick
Asking prayer for Andrew’s dad, Emmitt Riddick, doctor’s have stopped treatments and he has been placed on hospice.

My oldest son struggled with severe depression last year. Thankfully he has battled and is at a much better place.  He is now a senior and is looking to swim and apply to colleges. Please pray for him. – New field hockey coach at Hickory High School 

Ed Klawitter having procedure to replace heart valve Monday June 24th (Heart Hospital)

Tres & Axell relationship – Cadie & Jake relationship – Cadie & Jake schooling – My arm nerve to be unpinched – Kirk child support resolved – Tres Christian girl – Tres job/house

Wendy Settlemire
Prayers for one of our members, my friend Dee, who is battling cancer.  She has been unable to attend services now as her body is weak.  She is the first person I became friends with when I was first led to River Oak.  Lord, we know you have a perfect plan.


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